PasswordChestPrice: FREE
This app will store all your passwords in a safe way.
Two visual styles available: “Tibia” and “Candy”.
Sort all your passwords by Category/Group/Account.
You only will need to remember 1 password: the master password. You must define it in the first run. You can change it from time to time, for increased security.
All your data will be encrypted with high security functions.
This app will be blocked if you fail the master password 3 times in a row.
You can have 3 additional tries by a reset password that you must define in the first run.
For security reasons, your database will do self destruction if you fail the reset password 3 times.
You can export/import your database through clipboard (copy/paste), so you can send the data by email or paste it in a file as backup.
All the expoerted text will be encrypted and protected by an additional export password of your choice.




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