Baby Fireworks

Price: FREE with ads. NoAds version available*
This app have 2 modes:
Initial mode: Fireworks screensaver mode where firework effects will popup non-stop. Babies likes it.
Game mode: When you touch the screen a game will start.
Compatible with all devices including tablets! You will experience the best quality graphics in tablets and newest devices.

About the game mode:
– There will be rockets going up and your goal is touching them before they reach the top of the screen.
– When you touch a rocket it will explode with musical note and you will win 1 point.
– The speed is increased during the time.
– The more rockets you touch, the more points you get.
– A local highscore is saved in your device.
– At the game over event, the game will just go back to initial mode.

We hope all your family have fun with this app!
* The no advertisement version (NoAds) costs around 0,99€ depending country. Base price is only 0,99€. However, users living in Europe will also have to add the VAT tax of his country.