About BlackDevelopers


I am Daniel Peña Vázquez, and BlackDevelopers  is the brand of my apps. I  mainly make public apps for fun, but nowadays I  am also working in some important private projects. If you need an expert developer, you can contact me by email.

I already published a lot of apps in Android and iOS.
You can find all my Android apps in Google Play Store.
You can find all my iOS apps in Apple App Store.

Just enter this keyword in the search tool of your store:

Please note that almost all my free apps are free because they include advertisement and that gives enough income for me. However you will  always find  the option to buy NoAds versions if you dislike to see advertisement.

I should also give credits to 2 persons who helped in development of many apps here: my brother Miguel Ángel Peña Vázquez and Miguel Ángel Romero de los Llanos.