Terms of Service


Our Android apps requires system version 4.1 or higher. Our iOS apps requires version 8.0 or higher. We don’t work with other operative systems at this moment.

At this moment all our apps are FREE, with advertisement. However you can buy NoAds versions (without advertisement) for a minimum price. For European people, Google Play will already include VAT in al the prices.

If your country laws disallow the usage of any of our apps then you are not allowed to use that app. Please let me know in that case and I will ban your country for that app. No problem.


Refunds are not allowed by default, unless you tell me that there is a special local law that forces me to do it, or unless you contact me and you tell me a good reason for it.


Please only use email to contact us. This is the contact email for general purpose issues: admin@blackdtools.com

For very technical issues you still can contact Daniel at daniel@blackdtools.com

Privacy Policy:

We are not interested in your personal information, really. Only some cookies -we are forced by Google in order to show ads. Anyways you should not worry about your privacy here. You can read more here


Only required to display Google AdMob advertisement in our free apps. Read more


This site and  apps here are copyrighted by Sonia Fernández del Saz. All rights reserved.
Legal id is ES47281441L. Legal address: Villavaliente 13 bajo 4, 28011, Madrid, Spain.

Special copyright permissions:

Daniel Peña Vázquez is still recognized as the main developer and maintaner of all the apps here. You still can contact Daniel Peña Vázquez. He is still allowed to publish and represent our apps. He is allowed to list our free apps in the Samsung Galaxy Store. And he still can give support if needed. His email: daniel@blackdtools.com