Privacy & Cookies

In compliance with all applicable privacy laws (including the new GDPR) we inform you about how we collect and use your personal data. Please keep in mind that even very small things like ip, device id and cookies are considered  personal data under the new GDPR law.

Who we are

We used to be 4 persons in the start. Then 2  persons left the group… Nowadays “we” are a family business of 2 persons:

  • Daniel Peña Vázquez – developer, technical contact and maintener of all the “BlackDevelopers” apps.
  • Sonia Fernández del Saz – General support and legal owner at this moment.

Just in case,  our website address is

What apps require some personal data

Almost all our FREE apps require some minimum personal data because Google Admob advertisement requirements. Exceptions: all our apps that have no ads. They require no personal data at all. That includes the following apps:

“Baby Train 3D”, “Family Peekaboo”, “Password Chest”, “Sms Power”, “NFC Reader”, “Coordinate Converter”, “Color Picker”,   “Safe Notepad – with search tool”, “Vipe”,  and almost all our premium apps, since they have no ads. However some premium apps need minimum personal data to work, for its main purpose, but in any case they will never send any personal outside.  Please check the specific privacy policy for all our Premium apps here.

Note: All the free apps listed above do NOT require any kind of personal data, not even cookies. There are however a few EXCEPTIONS: Free apps that need to work with some personal data, because it is needed for its main purpose:

  • “Sound To Number”: it requires permission to record sound. However it does not store/send recorded sounds outside. You should not worry about it.
  • “Image Contacts”: it requires phone data to be able to link images with your contacts. However it does not store/send any personal data outside. You should not worry about it.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Our ad-supported free apps will only (indirectly) collect minimum personal data in the form of cookies because is required by Google AdMob in order to obtain basic (NON-PERSONALIZED) advertisement banners for you. Google Admob will receive small things like your device id, timestamp, ip and some basic information obtained from the context of your device because at this moment it seems to be neccesary for Google to handle such things, even at the NON-PERSONALIZED mode.

If you want to use our ad-supported free apps then you must accept that such apps require cookies in order to display basic advertisement through Google AdMob. If in the future Google Admob releases a cookieless mode then we guarantee you that we will set that mode inmediately. However, at this moment, Google gives no option there for publishers.

If you choose to use any of our free app (with ads) then you should also agree with Google AdMob Policy.

PAID apps: no advertisement here – No Cookies here! All our free ad-supported apps will always have  a paid NoAds version so you can enjoy any of them without advertisement. No  personal data of any kind will be transfered  in paid apps. Watching advertisement is not mandatory in order to enjoy our apps, as required by law. You now have the power to choose what version you prefer.

This site: we believe that this site is not using cookies. It is a basic wordpress site and we don’t even allow comments/registration here.

Who we share your data with

(In case you use any of our ad-supported free apps )  Our free apps (through Google AdMob api) will transfer a minimum amount of your data directly to Google. However we don’t store anything at our side.  Only Google AdMob will store and handle your  data, and they do it because they need that to give an advertisement service with a minimum quality, and it is also required to avoid fraud at their side.

Besides this minimum data that we need to share to comply with Google Admob minimum requirements (and that only applies to our apps with advertisement), our apps will never share any personal data with anyone.

How long we retain your data

(In case you use any of our ad-supported free apps) As said before, we don’t retain your data. Only Google Admob will do it, so  please  search that information in  Google AdMob Policy   or ask Google directly in case you need details.

What rights you have over your data

You can decide to stop watching ads at any time: Just uninstall our ad-supported version at any time. If you would like to play that app without ads, then please consider purchasing our paid NoAds versions. If you want to force Google to delete your personal data, then please contact Google directly. As said before, we are not the ones storing any personal data here and we are afraid we have no real power over Google.

Where we send your data

As said before, all our ad-supported free apps  must send some minimum data to Google Admob in order to receive  ad banners, even when using the minimum data requirement setting of NON-PERSONALIZED ads mode (we set that mode in all our ad-supported free apps)

 Legal contact

This web and all the “BlackDevelopers” apps are legally  monetized by Sonia Fernández del Saz, ES47281441L, Address: Calle Villavaliente 13 bajo 4, 28011 Madrid (Spain). Email:

Technical support

Daniel Peña Vázquez is still here for maintenance and technical support. Email: