Improved Privacy Policy

(Only for some of our apps)

All our “Premium” apps (except the ones listed as EXCEPTIONS in the end of this page) does not collect neither share any personal data, at all. This also applies to all our apps that does not include advertisement.

Just to be clear and specific enough, this improved privacy policy (no data collection and no data sharing) applies exactly to the following apps:

  • Wheel of Colors Premium
  • Baby Train 3D Premium
  • CandyDokus Premium
  • Color Picker
  • Contab Premium
  • Coordinate Converter
  • Family Balloons Premium
  • Family Fireworks Premium
  • Family Guitar Premium
  • Family Listening Test Premium
  • Family Xylophone Premium
  • Image Contacts Premium
  • NFC Reader
  • Password Chest
  • Sound To Number
  • Toy Remote Control Premium
  • Vipe Premium
  • Watermark ALL Premium
  • Wheel of Colors Premium